Balanced and unbalanced

James Coplin james at
Wed Jun 8 21:59:15 CEST 2022

Just use the cable you have. Cable (balanced or unbalanced) into unbalanced is almost never an issue. The tip carries the signal (on both balanced and unbalanced) and the sleeve ( and ring on a balanced) cable will just connect to ground as per usual.


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On Jun 8, 2022, 1:58 PM, at 1:58 PM, Peter Korsten <peter at> wrote:
>Hey James,
>> It's not an issue. The balanced cable sleeve and rig will just both 
>> connect to ground. Don't buy cable.
>You mean, don't buy the cable, but build it myself? It would be more 
>cost effective (especially since shipping from the UK is £43, and using
>a freight forwarder would mean paying double VAT), but the 
>aforementioned back problem preclude me from sitting down for more than
>minutes at the time.
>I did actually watch a video about how to make such a cable, and it's 
>simple enough, and would allow me to make exactly the kind of cable I 
>want, but this slipped disc is turning my life upside down.
>- Peter
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