Balanced and unbalanced

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Hi Peter

Shouldn't be a problem either, especially if you're not delivering phantom power to the output. 


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Hey Martin,

> Nothing to worry about. When you connect an unbalanced cable into a 
> balanced input, it simply grounds the “cold” or “negative” wire and 
> everything should run perfectly smooth. Cable lengths don’t matter as 
> long as you stay within a couple of meters.

Except that here, I'm sticking a balanced cable into an unbalanced output.

I'm trying to get Custom Lynx to get me the cost of shipping to Malta, but the difference between TS and TRS cables is around £20 (£60 vs £80) per cable, and I need three cables. Add VAT, custom fees... I decided to go with the unbalanced cable.

Once I've scored my first smash summer hit, I'll think about more sophisticated gear. 😉

- Peter
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