Eurorack madness: tips on this design?

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Thu Jun 2 10:38:29 CEST 2022


So I’ve got the top half of this modular design in real hardware now (minus the pico drums) and I’m proceeding to fill the bottom half over the next few weeks:

What do you guys think - anything stand out as odd or missing?  The purpose of this rig will be to function as both a rythmn/soundscape workstation and as well a “normal” synth voice rig.  

If I can pull off a couple of mini tracks with it: drums plus maybe 3 independent voices - I’ll be happy, while also having ample processing/effects  for the wilder soundscape patching.  

Actually it’s pretty wild and soundscape’ish with just the top row gear in place already but I yearn to fill the gaps and add a few more utility and weird options.  And I’m getting a bit sick of seeing the Behringer logo I have to admit.

Actually I’m considering swapping the SALMPLE with a Morphagene, not quite decided yet, one of my fellow jam mates has one he is threatening to sell, so I might pick it up next…

This is all rigged up to an SH101 and Deluge for keys/sequencing, btw.  Thought about adding a sequencer module but it’ll be redundant for a while…

What do you think?  Swap some things?

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