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Mon Aug 29 23:53:16 CEST 2022

…some stuff. After checking out Toms and Andrews good recommendations, I 
put together a list with 10 good tracks I’ve been listening to lately 
from different artists/bands (+ 2 bonus tracks).

You’ll find the tracks here:

Wingtips - Relativity
Good track from Chicagos Wingtips. Nice atmospheric pop/synth/goth.

Them Are Us Too - Floor
Great track from this Cali duo. Sadly a posthumous release as one of 
them passed away in the 2016 Oakland Ghost Ship fire incident. Lots of 
Cocteau Twins in this.

X-Marks The Pedwalk - Yesterdays
Good track from the latest album from German XMTP. Modern synth/future 

Echoberyl - Silent Monster
Latest single from French Echoberyl. Darkwave I’d say...

Cold Showers - Sliver
My fav in this batch. LA based synth/rock/post-punk act. Clearly UK 80’s 
influences. Albums are a bit uneven but the good tracks are really good.

Twins in Fear - Disappearance
Swiss/Ukrainian duo. Former background singers/dancers doing their own 
project. Electropop.

Riki - Florence & Selena
LA-based dark synth pop/new romantic project of artist/musician Niff 
Nawor. Instant early 80’s. Quite soothing track :-)

Actors - Only Lonely
Canadian post-punk. Most established act in this lineup so you might 
already know about them.

Dead Lights - Run
Another banger from UK/Dutch collaboration Dead Lights. Electronic 
dance-punk :-)

Priest - Blacklisted
Good track from the latest album by Swedish act Priest. Sort of modern 

Bonus tracks:
Cold Showers - Dismiss
Twins in Fear - Abseits

Oh, and I know some of you are into ambient stuff so I’ll throw in three 
different acts in the end that I’ve stumbled upon…


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