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toad tom.adam at
Tue Aug 23 12:53:22 CEST 2022

Viagra boys - cave world... don't agree with the anti-vaxer lyrics 
(creepy crawlers), but a very good album. Pretty sure that if I didn't 
met Stefan to form Art Of Decay, I would still be playing with the 'punk 
no more' guys and I would be making this kind of music now. I wonder how 
he saturates his voice on this album....

Anika - anika .. from 2010 already, but just discovered. I'm a fan of 
the sound of this album, Love Buzz and I go to sleep are nicely done! My 
wife hates this album... ha!

Noisuf-x - invader but the other albums are also good to do some 
workouts on! I did a 40km < 1hr bike race last week on it.

Kämpfer - poltergeist for old times sake!



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