getting ready for the move to the US

tom adam tom.adam at
Mon Aug 22 22:05:23 CEST 2022

Hi Guys,

It's been quiet on the bar, so let me pose some questions (music 
related) for my move to the states...

I'm allowed to send a huge container to the states, but I'm not allowed 
to put 'leisure' stuff in there... So no synths, no computers, no race 
bikes, no speakers, no nothing apart from clothes and furniture... as if 
I have enough furniture to fill a 40ft container. (does anyone in the 
states wants furniture or clothes from EU let me know we can work 
something out ;-) )
I've checked airfreight and will probably on my own expenses have some 
stuff shipped airfreight to the US. This is an ongoing exercise, 
considering weight / size and 'do i need it' and 'is it cheaper to  buy 
it again in the states than having it shipped' ... Not the most fun 
exercise to do...

Currently it looks like:
the quantum and fantom and moog subsequent, Virus TI2 will stay in EU. 
(Bernard is going to be so happy...)
Eurorack is going to US
PC stays in EU.
MOTU828se going to the US
Focal monitors not decided yet, I like them so much, but a little 
expensive to buy again, but too heavy to have them shipped...
Modular hopefully to Jay, so that's EU.
Circlon, 9090 and diy 808, EU. (I'm sure going to miss the circlon.... 
but it needs the upgrade to V2 and this will only arrive after I've 
left. (Screen is getting really bad)
I think I will take some of the desktop items I got, like the vermona 
retroverb, the jakyll&hyde of RML. Blackbox (although didn't fell in 
love with it yet) or plyend tracker (same here)
And than I have so much other stuff that I haven't even considered yet...

Now, looks like I'm going to buy some stuff too, (but keep in mind that 
I'll need to be able to send it back to EU after 3, 5 or max 7 years... 
but according to my wife it will be max 5 years... we'll see, 273 days 
of sun in GA...)
first thing will be to buy a computer. I will get a laptop this time.
I've never had a mac before, but I'm considering a 14" macbookPro. Does 
that sound about right?
I need a good controller with some keys. But these are cheap anyway.

So what am I missing?
Some suggestions for speakers and such?
Any input appreciated!


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