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> Blue box.  It seems to have fewer features overall (no synth, but it records to SD card...) but at $549 I think its a better value.  
Yup.  Bloody great mixer.  Best thing ever to set up for a jam, press RECORD and get the stems at the end of the night.
> I have a black box, and while I wish it had a few more synth-like processing features it's one of the best samplers I've used.  It has some quirks for sure, but given that I also have a kurzweil and now an A4K, I don't worry about the flaws so much.  

Yeah I have one too, definitely a versatile little machine and the new granular synth engine is very fun.

I want a Bitbox now though, got my Rackbrute set up today, and for sure I need a Bitbox.  And a Decards Voice.  Damn, so now I have Eurorack GAS disease ..
> I'm not sure I'd see the need for the blue box either, although as I collect more desktop gear I'm seeing how much portable flexibility it could offer while working with the blackbox and some other bits of gear.

I use my Blackbox, Bluebox, UNO PRO, Microfreak, Microvolt and Zynthian together in a jam suitcase, its great fun .. so now I want all the same functionality in a portable Eurorack case .. 

This Teenage Engineering thing?  Meh: coz, Price.  Nice design, but a bit too minimal for the money.  The Bluebox kicks its ass, imho.  (12 channels vs. 6,  better FX, etc.)

This is for folks for whom design is primary and functionality secondary, imho ..

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