DSP56300 Emulator (Virus, Waldorf, etc.)

Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 21:11:47 CEST 2022

The DSP56300 Emulator project is coming along very, very nicely.  Its now got a great GUI and it is pretty much fully emulating the Virus C-class with sample accuracy:


Its pretty amazing to see how these guys reversed things and proceeded to get it all working.  If you checked it out a few months back and found it hard to set up, have a closer look today - its gotten a lot more end-user friendly.

There’s some crazy stuff going on to get Snow and TI emulation fully working too - a little birdie told me that some very big nuts have been cracked in that department lately.

Its the sort of project where I could see someone producing a drop-in replacement PCB for the Virus C-class of devices, at least, that radically improve their features and adds a whole new level of crazy to the hardware...

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at gmail.com

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