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Peter Korsten peter at
Sun Apr 17 18:59:01 CEST 2022

Hey Jammer,

> I still don't know what to make of JavaScript after all these years.
> I mean, how can anyone big up a language like JS that is so "good" 
> they had to make another entire language/interpreter to shove between 
> the developer and "the code". TypeScripts very existence is a 
> testament to how horrible it is to work with large JS projects.

JavaScript allows mediocre developers to write code that works most of 
the time. It doesn't complain about trivialities such as type safety.

One thing I've learned in my career is that there are just really, 
really a lot of mediocre programmers around, who will never rise to 
expert level, because they're not weird enough (they cannot think like a 
computer) and because of business pressures (it had to be completed two 
weeks ago).

> This all day long. Fire up Node and start a *tiny* project and it'll 
> install hundreds of megabytes of packages. It's terrifying in so many 
> ways.

Ah yes, fun times. In my previous job, the focus was shifting from Java 
and some .NET to full-on .NET and front-end. There are some reasons for 
dropping Java in Malta, but I decided that moving on was the better 
option for me. I just don't enjoy it, mostly because TypeScript is like 
putting lipstick on a pig. It's a much better looking pig, but it's 
still a pig.

- Peter

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