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> That looks great. Thanks for the link.

Yeah, I’m sure there are tons of other tools like this, I just thought this one was interesting most of all for the fact of it being standalone (and that it was written in Rust).

> The looper in Ableton is really great though and once you are there, you get plenty more effects, so I guess I’ll check it out. 

REAPER has a great looper too - SUPER8: <>

Its definitely something you have to invest in setting up though.  I couldn’t quite get into using SUPER8 until I set up a foot-pedal.  Plus there is the whole DAW setup hassle, which frankly has killed too much inspiration lately.  Kind of needs to be a standalone thing to be effective in my environment.

> It’s not open source but have you checked out „Gauss“, the looper that Hainbach promoted? It’s actually a lot of fun and has loads of character. 

I recently saw someone playing with Guass at a local jam, and it was a really wonderful gig.  I forgot to go back and ask for more details about it though so I’m glad you mentioned it.

Still though, my favourite looper jam tool is Endlesss .. its just so damned fluid and easy to get into the flow with very little hassle.  And having auto-sync between the mobile and desktop versions is amazing for the jam situation .. my friends and I have noticed though, that once we start an Endlesss loop battle, the rest of the gear in the room becomes kind of irrelevant, hehe .. I have to force myself sometimes to go back to the Deluge/SH101 rig in the middle of an Endlesss jam.

I’m kind of researching these things for work these days.  There’s a lot of interest in these techniques at the moment ..

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