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The ER-301’s a surprise; I recall that you weren’t a fan of the “pocket
calculator” interfaces.

On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 2:32 PM Jay Vaughan <ibisum at> wrote:

> Well, in spite of the awesome advice I got here on music-bar I found a
> great deal on the Arturia 6U RackBrute, including carry bag, so I pulled
> the trigger and I guess I’ll be regretting the decision in the coming
> months when I run out of power/space and need to get an upgrade. But it
> sure looks cool and it’ll be enough .. for now ..
> At some point, its inevitable that I’ll outgrow this case so I’ll probably
> go the Behringer route - they’re ugly but functional, and that is all I
> need.  Thanks for the tips, guys, its fun to hear your Eurorack  adventures
> too.
> Meanwhile, the Arturia RackBrute should be enough for a few months of
> Eurorack addiction.  Lets see how little use I get out of it. ;P
> > ps : which mutable instruments you got except the anushri ? :p
> I picked up a Braids for a good price locally .. I’m building my Eurorack
> system around the Berlinger Neutron (for which I now have 2) and adding
> different/interesting VCO’s and VCF as a baseline.  Might add an Orthogonal
> ER-301 or Make Noise Morphogene as well this week, lets see… maybe I’ll
> ditch one of the Neutrons and get a K-2 .. definitely fun to shake things
> up a bit and move away from all the digital synths I’ve been relying on
> over the years.
> j.
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