Eurorack case question

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Thu Apr 14 15:32:34 CEST 2022

Well, in spite of the awesome advice I got here on music-bar I found a great deal on the Arturia 6U RackBrute, including carry bag, so I pulled the trigger and I guess I’ll be regretting the decision in the coming months when I run out of power/space and need to get an upgrade. But it sure looks cool and it’ll be enough .. for now ..

At some point, its inevitable that I’ll outgrow this case so I’ll probably go the Behringer route - they’re ugly but functional, and that is all I need.  Thanks for the tips, guys, its fun to hear your Eurorack  adventures too.

Meanwhile, the Arturia RackBrute should be enough for a few months of Eurorack addiction.  Lets see how little use I get out of it. ;P

> ps : which mutable instruments you got except the anushri ? :p

I picked up a Braids for a good price locally .. I’m building my Eurorack system around the Berlinger Neutron (for which I now have 2) and adding different/interesting VCO’s and VCF as a baseline.  Might add an Orthogonal ER-301 or Make Noise Morphogene as well this week, lets see… maybe I’ll ditch one of the Neutrons and get a K-2 .. definitely fun to shake things up a bit and move away from all the digital synths I’ve been relying on over the years.

Jay Vaughan
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