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Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 20:40:17 CEST 2021

> I'm still learning the blackbox, there's some synth-like features I'm missing, but overall its very organic and flexible.  [For me the biggest pain in the butt is the lack of odd time signatures in song mode.  4/4 is all you get.]  

New signatures are coming in a future update, I think.  Still, not a bad product for a one-man show, programming-wise.  They just added another dev to the team - incidentally, I interviewed with 1010music and got all the way through the qualifications process, but it would’ve meant relocating back to California .. and it was nice to hear Aaron is now getting the help he needs to start pushing out more features.  I believe there is still a *LOT* of unused horsepower in the Blackbox, so we’ll probably get synth-like (AEG/FEG/PEG features?) for the Blackbox on the horizon ..

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at gmail.com

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