Hardware samplers

James Coplin james at ticalun.net
Sat Sep 18 23:56:10 CEST 2021

Anything Emu and the later Akai series are amazing and super cheap. The later Akai also used IDE drives.


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On Sep 18, 2021, 4:29 PM, at 4:29 PM, Peter Korsten <peter at severity-one.com> wrote:
>So I just watched a video by Espen Kraft about his Akai S700 sampler 
>that he bought when Reagan was still president. Sampling at a 
>ridiculously low sampling rate of like 6.3 kHz, it sounded remarkably 
>good. Also, Paolo "SynthMania" had a video about sampling CDs that I 
>found enlightening.
>Now I've always been dismissive of samplers, associating them with "ah 
>yeah!" and orchestra hit samples, in the worst of 1990s dance music,
>when you think about it, they're just synths with very flexible 
>oscillators – provided, of course, that the rest of the synthesis
>is up to snuff.
>Now Jay is going to say Yamaha A4000/A5000, and those have the
>of using IDE drives. But what hardware samplers would you say are 
>musically interesting?
>Hey, the 20 year anniversary is coming up, as is my birthday, and 
>Christmas... 🙂
>- Peter
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