New ASM Hydrasynths .. and Superbooth

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Thu Sep 9 18:14:40 CEST 2021

Also, obviously not going to superbooth, but Ill be at KnobCon on Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully ASM will be there (they were at the last one two years ago).  Hopefully, Ill get to check out their new stuff.

One thing that could sell me on the 76 note would be if you can assign one of the engines to play back just from the ribbon.  That along with the Poly AT would make it awesome for improvising.


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.. leaked pre-Superbooth, new ASM Hydrasynth models .. looks pretty badass:

.. plus, a deluxe version:

Not sure if there are any other fanboix for the ASM Hydrasynth on the -bar, but I really, really love the one I’ve played at Sky Studio, so if there is going to be a mini-version that aligns with my shoebox shelf system, its a definite add for me.  Its a very friendly synth engine and the UI is easily one of the best of all the new-era designs, imho.

BTW: Anyone else going to Superbooth next week?  I’m seriously considering a couple days ..

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