Bitwig tips/tricks? Plus: PolarDesigner plugin opportunity for a F/OSS developer ..

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Thu Oct 14 20:02:15 CEST 2021

Hey ‘barians,

I’ve recently been given a bit of responsibility for our plugin development at work, which means I’m on the “install all the DAW’s” mission, and tomorrow its all about BitWig, for which I have received a full license.

I’m a BitWig newbie, although I’ve done a few of the tutorials - but I just know there are ‘barians with a lot of experience with BitWig so far - have any of you got any tips/tricks for me, gotchas I should know about, or even more insight into how to get things working productively?  It’ll be in use with my Arturia AudioScope on MacOS, which should be pretty decent, lets see.

I’m going to be doing some work on Austrian Audios’ AmbiCreator plugin ( which requires multi-channel tracks (x4) - is this something that can be done with BitWig out of the box, such as is the case with Reaper?  I guess I’m going to find out in the morning...

Incidentally, all of Austrian Audio’s plugins are open source, in case anyone feels like taking a peek or two .. and in the spirit of such an endeavour, if anyone on music-bar were to get *really* motivated to make some contributions to any of these, well, we can discuss the hardware required to support such an effort ..

I’ll be setting up to do some of my first ambisonic recordings next week at Sky Studio, and probably take the rig to an open mic night at Cafe Tunnel here in Vienna .. pretty fun tasks, to be honest, but with a pretty analog scope. Might have to rig up some synths with speakers around the room, just for the sake of having automated testing sources, lol ...

Jay Vaughan
seclorum at

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