Mixer / Recorder for live-streaming chamber music

Martin Naef mnaef at navisto.ch
Sat May 22 23:14:39 CEST 2021

Hey guys,


I have to admit, during a show when I’m managing four cameras, text overlays, microphone levels and mutes, setting up IP addresses and recompiling linux kernels aren’t exactly the first things that cross my mind… 😉


Seriously though: At the moment I am using two laptops to control my rig – one dedicated for the graphics/overlays, the other to check audio levels and mutes. Although this has been perfectly reliable so far, I do get peace of mind by knowing that I could finish the show even if both laptops crashed. I am now setting up the Stream Deck XL to control the graphics, so I won’t need two computers anymore. At the moment I need about two hours to just install all equipment. I would like to reduce that time so that I can focus more on perfecting camera angles, lights, and doing a thorough sound check. Adding more computers and recording software would detract from that target, hence my focus on all-in-one boxes.


I just noticed I could control the Behringer X32 series from the Stream Deck as well, so that is becoming an increasingly likely option…





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No on board recording though. Could always use a Raspberry Pi for that. If you use the X-Air’s wifi access point you can even use your iPad to SSH into the R-pi to ensure it’s recording (I’d write a systemd daemon which simply always records all USB audio or something).


A pretty amusing and comical idea for this project… I think Martin needs something that’d work under duress.  


Last thing I’d want to be doing during a choral recording session is using ssh to check levels.  :p


Seriously Joost, seriously …. 


Hah! :) You can just confirm levels using the iPad app :) or just use a Macbook instead of the R-pi for recording, can skip the iPad too then.



Joost Schuttelaar
The Hague, NL 


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