Mixer / Recorder for live-streaming chamber music

Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sat May 22 08:30:11 CEST 2021

Hi Martin!

Wow, what a great project - very impressive!

I  have an earlier version of the Presonus StudioLive in my studio, and can highly recommend the ‘Presonus’ way - as long as you can get along with the Fat Channel interface, which can be a bit stressful under pressure - you really need to ‘drill’ using it and get into the flow of zooming into parameters.  I have used Presonus gear for years and can highly recommend it, if you like the sound of its preamps (some people really don’t, for some reason).  I still have multiple Firepods in my racks, they are rock solid and great gear.

It may be way underpowered for your needs, but have you seen the 1010Music Bluebox mixer?  This is very compact, and does what you need - record every track individually to stems, directly to the SD card - plus the stereo master.  

I recently added this to  my portable synth rig, and have been blown away with how easy to use, and extremely powerful this little mixer is .. 12 tracks though, but still very compact and easy to use.  The EQ’s and FX are maybe not way up there in terms of specs compared to the higher priced gear in your list, but in terms of raw  mixing and recording power, its pretty decent.  Maybe you need two of them though, but that’s the great thing - you could integrate them into the live setup, and kind of ‘fire and forget’ the REC situation.  At the end of the gig, pop out the SD card and import the stems individually, very smooth and easy to use.

Take a look, maybe it inspires you to reconfigure things a bit:


Don’t get put off by its compact size - at least have a look at some of the demo videos, because while it is small in size, it is very deep in features ..

Anyway, hope you work it out and keep us in the loop about the gig.  Will we hear some of these recordings some day?


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