ableton live - scene trigger

tom adam tom.adam at
Sun May 16 21:24:11 CEST 2021

Need some help from the experts...

We're looking for a way to reduce our hit and miss mistakes on 
triggering scenes...

What we currently do is assigning pads on an old alesis multipad to go 
to the next or previous scene.
We've got some clips, some 1bar, others 4 or 8 bars long. We just want 
to hit the pad and the change to next or previous scene should align 
with (in this case) the 8bar scene.

We've got something that kind of works, and that is to put the quantize 
of all the clips in the same scene to the same value. But this seems a 
bit tedious.
And is quite confusing as you have to put in the value you want on the 
next scene apparently... still messing about.

One should expect something in the master 'lane' but we don't want 
follow actions, we want to be in control when playing, not live ;-) 
Actually the follow actions in the master lane mess up the program 
changes to the electron, the messages are coming late somehow, again, 
still messing about.

At least we got the analog rythm to react to program changes, so that's 
another thing solved...



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