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Fri Jun 25 11:21:35 CEST 2021

On 25 Jun 2021, at 11:04, Jay Vaughan <ibisum at> wrote:

>> On a different note. For some reason the KSP gives me 90ies gear lust. Have a search out for the Korg N1R, and for some reason was just thinking that it’d be sweet to also have a Virus Rack XL in the 19”…
> I haven’t used my Virus in years .. sure you want one?  There are so many other nicer machines out these days, although I will always be fond of it I think I’d rather have a COBALT8 ..

Oh yeah, indeed, much nicer ones. Still, there are some sweet soundsets out there. Just talking preset playback. Enough knobs to twiddle over here if I wanna sculpt some new sounds… :)



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