UNO Synth Pro - anyone got one?

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Fri Jun 25 10:43:59 CEST 2021

Okay, it just arrived .. OOBE is excellent, its a stonkin’ little box with lots of edge .. physically smaller than I thought it would be, but that’s a feature coz it fits in the backpack like a breeze .. the presets are pretty decent, nice to see they filled the SEQ/ARP up with patterns for each preset, although the general feel of the  UI is gonna be a bit of a hell for this mode-hatin’ old guy .. generally looking very much forward to getting it integrated into the shoe-shelf setup I have now: MicroFreak, Bluebox, Blackbox, CRAFT, SKULPT, Uno Pro .. should be enough power for a little while. ;). Gonna do a track or two with it all next week, stay tuned ..

One thing is, this is all portable now.  My dream of having a decent collection of little synths to take camping is a reality.  Now I gotta find the best power bank for the setup .. maybe one-per-synth, to avoid noise issues.

Oh, I might just be selling everything in the 19” rack and getting rid of the rack mentality in my world now.  /cringe


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