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Peter Korsten peter at
Sun Jul 11 12:45:37 CEST 2021

Hey Martin,

> I just retired two 01V, replaced with the Midas that I recently mentioned plus two stage boxes - saved a bit of space, but also replaced the MOTU PC Interfaces that had served me well for many years... I case somebody is interested, there's a 2408, a 308 and two 1224 to go (plus one PCIx424 interface - the catch is in the name: It needs a PCIx slot, which is hard to find in a new system these days). I haven't used the Midas much in the new studio setup yet, but I definitely prefer a hands-on interface to mixing over any computer interface.

I recently got a Thunderbird 3 interface for my PC. Either I get a MOTU 
16A, or an 24Ai. The latter only connects via USB (or Ethernet, but 
that's not really going to work). Both are rather pricey, but not nearly 
as pricey as the competition.

That 01V never really worked out for me.

The M32R looks nice. Very big, but nice.

> Your list sounds good. I still have the original Microwave. And no, I'm not going to part with my FS1R... 😉

Should you ever do so, asking prices on Ebay are €1500+, and one 
recently went via auction for €960.

The Microwave has asking prices that start around €1500 as well (and 
also much higher), and one recently went for €1300. There's one ending 
soon, like today or tomorrow, sitting at €811 last time I checked. But I 
actually prefer the brighter sound of the MW II.

- Peter

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