New gear

Peter Korsten peter at
Sun Jul 11 12:28:01 CEST 2021

Hey Joost,

> The P2K arrived yesterday. Great condition, like it teleported from the 99-ies to today. 190 euros.

That's more or less what I paid for mine: £115, which after Brexit tax 
comes to around that figure. Near mint (the protective film over the LCD 
is half peeled off) except for a scratch on the side. It didn't come 
with the Composer ROM, though, which is why it was relatively 
inexpensive. (I'm dependent on Ebay and Reverb.)

> It’s of course chock full of terrible ‘realistic’ multisampled sounds, which were impressive back then, but totally obsolete now. On the other hand, the presets where the ROM was stretched, have some real gems in there. Sounds with a great 90ies vibe. Pads with way too short loop points, punchy synth-choirs, nice arp-y plucks, breathy synths, etc. Great for some retrowave...

Now all we need is glow sticks. 😂

- Peter

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