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Also should point out the Behringer Neutron is a great way to expand a system.  You get a lot of modules for the price of one module.

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I agree in the Behringer, but also want to point you to the second hand market.  There are a lot of good modules out there cheap.  Look for anything that has a mk2 or mk3 version out or coming soon.  The old modules are still great, but this craters the resale.

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I'm probably going to get yelled at by someone but it's hard to argue against the Behringer System 100 modules.

They are cheap and sound good. They are basic but make a good starting point. You can make a very competent voice in a single skiff row.<>

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I need an advice, regarding the eurorack modular.
Since I have Behringer Crave, which is a semi-modular, I really started to think about extending it.
Today, I've got an additional VCO  and working on the power supply.
What are the other budget choices for additional modules? LFO, ADSR, VCF, VCA?
What else should I look at?

I'm open for DIY (not only that I like it, but mainly - it helps to stay within the budget range).

Second hands are also ok, as long as they don't cost a leg ;)

Venray, NL


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