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Sun Feb 14 17:54:10 CET 2021

I have the Volca Bass since few years and to be sincere I did not do much with it, 
It has only 16 Steps sequencer ( only forwards if I recall).

The things I really dislike are physical not sound wise: 
The touch keyboard colour is confusing for my usage and it is from A to C. 
The top knobs  are very tinny and there are not very practical imo (and i don t have big fingers)

I was thinking to sell it recently for all those matters but now I am using it to clock some modulars from my  daw only.

Ps : Some Volcas can be hacked : 

 https://iamcomputo.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/korg-volca-hack-points-and-videos/ <https://iamcomputo.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/korg-volca-hack-points-and-videos/>


> On 13 Feb 2021, at 21:06, Marek Szulen <mszulen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Gents
> Are here any Volca owners/haters?
> Recently, I've got myself the Volca Keys (to use together with Zynthian, PO-12 and SQ-1).
> What other Volca would be a good companion to Keys?
> FM? Sample? Something else?
> Actually, Zynthian has the DX7 implemented, so I can have FM anyway, the thing is, Volca would unload Zynthian, which could run another plugin more efficiently.
> Marek
> Venray, NL
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