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Fri Feb 5 20:11:57 CET 2021

> On 05.02.2021, at 18:17, Romain <xtechcode at gmail.com> wrote:
> https://www.cyberciti.biz/linux-news/heads-up-microsoft-repo-secretly-installed-on-all-raspberry-pis-linux-os/ <https://www.cyberciti.biz/linux-news/heads-up-microsoft-repo-secretly-installed-on-all-raspberry-pis-linux-os/>
Yeah, not a surprising turn of events, but not that dastardly either, really .. just kind of cute to see Microsoft in an ‘also-ran’ role, alongside those other repo’s.  I don’t think its too nefarious - and besides, MS Visual Code is worth running and keeping updated on rPi.. 

If it really bothers you, its very easy to roll ones own Raspian image .. or even Armbian or Arch or Gentoo - the rPi is supported by a lot of the other distros…

Incidentally, I’ve been doing a lot of embedded ARM work over the last few years, and its pretty neat to see how far the raspberry pi foundation is penetrating into this field.  Its no wonder Microsoft is along for the ride … the CM3, etc. is quite competitive.  Fun to see Toradex and Acme respond with breakout boards …


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