A techno track for you to enjoy

tom adam tom.adam at thebigear.be
Fri Aug 27 21:33:10 CEST 2021


The modular made this. I just rammed in some cables and adjusted some 
volumes, but apart from that, I didn't do it.

You'll hear the E520 hyperion module a lot as I had 2 in the studio, 
very nice!
So, the bass sound is 2 motm310 vco's going into a MOTM510 wavewarper 
into a MOTM440 VCF.
The higher pitched drone throughout the song is a moog sub37, played by 
the modular (klee sequencer)
The vocal sample is going through the first E520.
The drone in the first part is 2motm310vco's going through an oakley 
croglin VCF to the second E520
The drone in the second part is a 808clap and DIY cymbal module going 
through the second E520
The kick and snare are coming from a 9090 going through an Retro 
mechanical labs EFC
The hat is a plain vanilla 9090hat
The additional hats in the second part are from a diy 808clone module 
going through a retro mechanical labs jekyl and hyde filter

Clock taken from the cirklon to get the lot synchronized.

I thought it sounded nice and hit record!
ANy feedback appreciated!



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