Summer Jam The Hague 2021

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Thu Aug 26 23:06:02 CEST 2021

> Also, this is the first time (i think) I have noticed the divide between old-school email clients like PINE, MUTT and whatever Jay is using, and… the rest of us on our phones. It’s all in the top-or-bottom reply, right? Moron will, I hope, expound on that.

I’m using on MacOS, but I take the time to edit my replies and don’t just depend on its auto-quote bollocks, which I’ve never found tenable.

Pretty sure this is my last year as a Mac user for personal things like email, and so on, though.  Pine is looking more and more viable as the days go by, at least as far as being a good way to do personal communications and so on. 


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