Does anybody use individual outs on synths?

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Aug 19 22:33:54 CEST 2021

Hey Jay,

> The inputs on front are a feature: patch bay.
> You might of them differently once you actually start making tracks and mix ‘n match some synths a bit ….
> Btw, you can do amazing things with 12 tracks.  Or 8.  Just gotta get on with it….

I'll be using the 01V hooked up to the M-Audio 2x2M for the time being. 
The investment for that is a pair of XLR cables between the two.

Making music, of course. I do, actually, enjoy playing with them, and I 
had to chuckle yesterday as I went through the Proteus 2000 sounds.

But once I finally got off the anti-depressants, this bloody pandemic 
hit. I'm pretty sure it's back, to a certain extent at least, and you 
(hopefully) have no idea what a monumental effort it can be to do 
something, anything really. And while anti-depressants work wonderfully 
to clear your mind, they have some very obvious side-effects, both 
physical and mental. (Case in point: I was unable to feel more than 
shock at Gert's passing. Sadness wasn't possible.) It's not something I 
want to go through again.

The setup I have now, with the KeyLab controlling everything, which is 
going to be connected to the mio10 I bought from Tony, will do for now. 
I'll get there one day, even if it takes me another 20 years.

- Peter

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