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Please find my new release on beatport and soon on spotify and other 
streaming services:

We decided not to use the exposed2radiation name as this stuff is 
slightly different. We ended up with alpha2omega

Mainly made using a Moog SUB37/ analog rytm /  quantum / modular (lots 
of E520 hyperion stuff in there). Sequenced with the cirklon.
Recorded in ableton live.

Hope you like it and as always, feedback appreciated!


(I'll post the spotify link when available)

Alpha 2 Omega has delivered Dark Distorted Signals a symphonic Greek 
Tragedy. The Ohm Prelude is the call to dance by ancient monks, driven 
by a strong atmosphere.
The Apotheose is a wild bassbooming acid stomper and the perfect answer 
to the first track on this EP. In combination, a perfect start of your 
And you can continue with Thymos. It explains your impulses, combined 
with some sounds agression delivered by pumping synthesizers.
Closing this EP we do with a god damn Tragedy, a Greek Tragedy! This is 
somehow searching the bounderies of techno and acid, and what your floor 
can handle of burning noise.
We from Dark Distorted Signals are proud to deliver 4 masterpieces. This 
EP is a master gem of electronic dance music. Ofcourse no regular edm 
but techno influenced by ebm and acid.
Play it loud!

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