Tundra - A Hydrasynth Track

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Mon Jul 20 20:33:01 CEST 2020

Cool track!   You’re making me GAS for one of these, and I really need to not do that…


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Hi bar,

Here is my Hydrasynth tack.  All the sounds, including the beats stuff, are from the wonderful ASM Hydrasynth.  They were recorded either as MIDI or live-audio capture into Ableton Live, and arranged in Live.  There is absolutely no other processing from what was recorded from Hydrasynth, save a FabFilter limiter on the master.

The Hydrasynth is such a nice musical instrument, and is always nice to fire it up and start playing.  Hope you like.


- m o H s e n

Tundra: Tundra by deepLFO<https://soundcloud.com/deeplfo/tundra>

Tundra by deepLFO

All sounds from ASM Hydrasynth.

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