40 minute live set played only using the Kaossilator app :-)

Dave S dave.silvester at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 01:46:49 CEST 2020

Hey Bar,

Like many people I grabbed the Korg Kaossilator app when it was given 
away free at the start of lockdown. Had a bit of a mess with it but 
didn't get up to anything very much. Then somehow last week I finally 
got around to digging into it a little deeper, and despite some pretty 
extreme limitations it's an amazingly fun musical instrument.

I made a bunch of disorganised experimental patterns and a few bits and 
pieces in the week which comprise the first part of this set, and the 
second half of the set is pretty much jammed on the spot.

This was recorded live at a socially-distanced micro-rave ;-) played on 
my friend's bike-trailer sound system, which was towed up into the 
woods, in the hills near where we live. There were a total of six 
attendees and the opportunity to play this little set was there so I 
took it.

It was amazingly fun to do and I can't quite believe it happened... I 
never ever thought I would play a gig on my phone, let alone one I was 
pretty happy with and have been enjoying listening to since! :-)

Listen here:


Download here:



Has anyone else done live sets using just a phone? What apps are you 
using? :-)



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