another track that needs your attention :-)

tom adam tom.adam at
Mon Feb 17 20:49:48 CET 2020

I don't seem to get this one right...

This one is made entirely on the modular, except for the drums (most 
sounds from the 9090, some from other drum boxes, added some stuff in 
live later on).
Sequencer is the cirklon.

SOmehow, when I 'play it live' in the studio, it works. When I record 
it, it's missing some punch, some aggression. I don't know what it is.
Even when I record the 'mix out' it just isn't the same.

Anyway, this is the best version I can make of it, and I need to clean 
up the modular as some folks 'rented' it for next weekend. So all 
editing will need to be done inside ableton.



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