Best 2021 Wishes, music-bar ..

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Thu Dec 31 13:43:32 CET 2020

Phew.  2020 was TRANSFORMATIVE.  

My teenage son suddenly discovering DAW’s and realising the junk his Dad hordes is AWESOME!  (Big moment for me there.)

66gigabytes of Villa Jam recordings to sift through.  Aurally Sifting through 110 jams worth of junk and beauty have kept me productive when there was, indeed, a lot of mundane code to be written .. a FUCKING broken arm and multiple surgeries therein, dealing with the wild and wooly world of pandemic hysterics, semi-terrifying virtual reality treadmills finally booting properly and keeping things centred, while viscosity sampler lab equipment and energy brokerage at the breakout box becomes my new breadbutter, hoo-boy.  Makes those Jams important.

2020: The Villa!  (2021: The Bunker!)

Electric!  All the things!

Lots of inspiration at the moment, kids.  I hope 2021 is gonna be Kick Ass™ for everyone, in the best possible way.  Stay safe and keep rocking, music-bar!


PS - ;P.


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