Arturia Microfreak in the house ..

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Mon Dec 7 20:37:12 CET 2020

 Nice.  I am loving mine.
So, it sends its Arp and Seq out on midi.  So, hook it up to any other synth and let it play crazy.
In Ableton Live, I have MicroFreak set up on one track that then sends its midi out to any other channel, and can then layer MicroFreak's patch with other synths and get some fun sounds going on.
Awesome little synth.

btw, I've gone all Arturia this lsat couple of months.  I am now using Keylab mkII as a midi controller, then got Beatstep pro and Keystep pro :-)  Just love playing with these other controllers, especially their sequencing mode in the context of a jam.
    On Saturday, December 5, 2020, 05:58:09 AM PST, Jay Vaughan <ibisum at> wrote:  
 .. funky little synth .. any -bar’ians got any tips for it yet?

First thing I noticed is (Vocoder Edition) the microphone will appear faulty until you turn up the gain.. took me an embarrassingly long time to work that out.

Jay Vaughan

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