Mental Breakthrough

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Tue Dec 1 09:15:37 CET 2020

> I hope you enjoy it!
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Metallicis-insecta is definitely one of those tracks where you can feel some emotion flowing out.  I like the way you evolve the noise-scape through the jam, and I feel it breathes pretty well as a jam .. but I do get a bit of reverb fatigue after a minute or two.  At the end of the track, Soundcloud decided to play some ambient track that starts with a jungle sample, and that was jarring enough that I wondered whether you’d included it as a wakeup at the end of the track, which would’ve been a nice exposé, but was random…

I’m glad you got back to your music Tony.  Its always so refreshing to hear a new track come in on the music-bar .. and for sure, I sympathise with the situation vis a vis health, this year.  Its been a rough time, indeed.  One thing is for sure: It definitely lifts my spirits to hear new music-bar tracks.  So please, don’t stop.

For my part, my jam studio is in boxes packed away, until I find a replacement for the Villa Schapira setup I’ve had all year.  It was very emotional to leave the Villa, as it was such a great space for my experiments, so now I’m trying to find someplace new for it all .. not so easy to replace the Villa.  I hope to get some new jam tracks done soon too, because music really is uplifting, isn’t it …

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