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tom adam tom.adam at
Sun Sep 15 20:10:34 CEST 2019

Hey Tony,

Please do post it here as I have no intention to follow anything on 
instagram ;-)

I'm not sure how you recorded your interesting patch, but somehow it 
sounded 'dull' to me. LIke as if it was recorded via an phone or something.

Keep up the experimenting!


On 15/09/2019 17:42, Tony Scharf wrote:
> Hey bar,
> Not sure how many of you use instagram or follow me already there, but 
> I’m getting back into making music again after a (too long) break of 
> really being engaged with it.
> Anyway, I’m documenting my work on Instagram (@NoiseTheorem)  and my 
> blog ( <>).
> I’ll cross post more interesting stuff I think the bar would care 
> about directly here, but if you want to follow wall the noise, that 
> will be the best places to find it.
> And here is something I’m working.  Modular as drum machine, with the 
> sounds built up from fundamental components rather than prepackaged 
> drum modules (which are convenient, but very limiting).
> Enjoy, and take care,
> Tony
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