Massive Attack Mezzanine

James Coplin james at
Wed Sep 11 14:14:54 CEST 2019

Just saw them here in Minnesota last night. Simply blow away by the show. It immediately became an art performance more than a show and was stunningly executed. 

It was supposedly a 20th anniversary show for the album but ended up being about way more. Almost immediately they began railing against nostalgia and the entrapment of a comfortable past. It was a show that made you uncomfortable for much of it which is a difficult trick to pull off with thousands of people who come with such good will and want to be entertained. Massive Attack was having none of it. Amazing.

I've never seen an album so thoroughly recast after 20 years. It was completely recontextualized, reimagined, revised without changing anything. I'm still processing everything I saw and still thinking and considering.

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