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tom adam tom.adam at
Sat Nov 23 13:18:36 CET 2019

Quantum / cirklon / modular / guitar / vocals

Not finished yet, would love some comments!


An over aged boy of 45 has left the office today in quite a peculiar way
He said fuck off to establishment and drop dead to his boss, it was the 
first time he made this step
Numbered by the society and plagued by the authority with KPI’s as a 
true religion
He left a race he could never win, he abandoned the track he was forced 
upon by big corporate money

One of the animals has left its cage today in search for a better place
but in his world of flue gasses and molten copper things are bound to 
get hot

A birthday boy and his friend took their bikes and went to a small 
town’s shopping mall
this is the place where the cool kids hang out, hoping they can 
eventually call them their friends
But that would mean they have to compromise and walk the line and be 
told what to do
are they ready to sacrifice their freedom at this virgin age.

One of the animals has seen its cage today will it run, will it hide
But in this world of free porn and cheap thrills things are bound to get hot

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