Look what I got in the studio

ToAd tom.adam at thebigear.be
Mon Jun 24 18:00:23 CEST 2019

Well, it is not mine... but It would fit nicely next to my modular. Soundwise they are indeed compatible. Alas, I will have to do with a p12, a3k and a Z1. Sold all the other gear to get a power meter on my time trial bike 🚲 

Btw I stopped expanding my 5u modular some years ago. Added a few eurorack modules in a separate rack. Still growing, but only with the more esoteric stuff, occasionally, like one module a year. 😬

Verstuurd vanuit mijn brein

> Op 24 jun. 2019 om 14:43 heeft Jay Vaughan <ibisum at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
>> On 22.06.2019, at 15:50, ToAd <tom.adam at thebigear.be> wrote:
>> No Moog, a Waldorf. 
>> Damn this thing is good.
> Nice one .. looking forward to hearing what you get up to with it .. isn’t it a bit off the charts in terms of what you normally get into, though?  Completed the modular rig, I guess?
> j.
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