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tom adam tom.adam at thebigear.be
Sat Jun 22 22:10:46 CEST 2019

Played the quantum some more today and I have to say that it sounds amazing.

Went trough some presets, lot's of them, and some of them really show 
what this machine can do. But useful stuff out of the box, not so much.

I've been trying out the wavetable osc today, yeah, they know how to do 
that ;-)
I was able to upload the wavetables i made for the Quantix-8 module in 
my modular. But you have so much more options on the quantum that I 
didn't recognize the wavetables after twisting some knobs. I'm going to 
try particles next, before the thing goes back to it's rightful owner.

As for overall stuff, the screen isn't so bad. It's responsive, easy to 
use and gives you direct feedback of what's going on. I thought that it 
would annoy me, but it actually works, and I didn't have the feeling of 
working on a computer stuffed inside a keyboard, which it actually is. 
Sometimes the automatic screen jumping is annoying, but apparently 
there's a setting to change this.
The envelops are snappy, but modulating the attack time of the vca needs 
to be set up carefully. going to short gives some clicking.
The EFX are basic, and somehow the phaser was giving an annoying whine, 
but I didn't dig in deep to check it out.
The analog filter is nice, the digital filters are differently nice, the 
complex modulator is really cool (going to make one for my modular this 
winter, after tri season).
The ARP and sequencer are very well done, nothing to fancy, but perfect 
for jamming and exploring sounds.

got to go, particles are awaiting!


On 22/06/2019 15:50, ToAd wrote:
> No Moog, a Waldorf.
> Damn this thing is good.
> Verstuurd vanuit mijn brein
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