triathlon season just finished

tom adam tom.adam at
Sun Sep 16 16:37:28 CEST 2018

This morning I finished my last triathlon of 2018.
As usual, totally exhausted but satisfied!

First the results:
Participated in 7 events. 4 of which were smaller local 1/8 triathlons 
with about 100 participants. I always finished just below the 25th 
position. And in my age group I ended between position 7 and 11.
The other 3 events (also 1/8) where of a different league; 250+ 
participants. Also You could win some money being top 3, so all the 
'good' guys where there also. My finishing position +/-70th, in my age 
group position 20.

Lessons learned:
Stress before a race is OK, but not 2 days in advance: I have learned to 
keep cool at least until putting on my wetsuit.
Plank as long as needed to get the muscles in your back in shape. Core 
stability needs to be trained daily.

Next year:
No more drafting races for me. I want it fair, each and everyone for 
Will do only 1/4 triathlons.

Best moment:
Finishing first in swimming
when girls watching the race flashed us during biking

Worst moment:
Having a flat tire in a race
Decided the day before the race to participate and had to bribe some 
people to get me in

14 days of decompressing - no more than 7h a week sporting, at least one 
'new' sport a week
followed by another 14 days of mild recuperation
and middle of October we start training for a new season!


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