First 1/8 triathlon of the season is done

tom adam tom.adam at
Sun Jun 3 16:51:18 CEST 2018

My first race this year went well.

Best swim time of 40+
Overall 20th bike time
I won't mention the running (I think position 88)

Looks like I'm nr 14 of the age group 40+ and overall 54.

I need to work on my drinking/eating skills during the bike race. I 
loose too much sugar and water which results in bad running. 
Unfortunately my digestion doesn't like fructose and some other chemical 
sh*t found in power bars and gels. (I won't mention the results of 
fructose on my digestion, but it ain't pretty)

I'm very happy with my bike race. I really made progress here. I can't 
cope with speeds over 40km/h for a long time, but today I managed to 
stick to a group @ 40-43km/h for about  15km. The last 12km I abandoned 
this group and had to drive all by myself (@35km/h) which maybe even 
required more effort from me.

Running was a nightmare did 3km @ 4:44min/km; than 2km @ 5:02min/km 
(shame on me) but the last km I was @ my regular speeds of 4:15km/h. It 
was hot, but I was trained for that so no excuses there.

Now I'll relax the rest of the day (Jacuzzi time) and tomorrow 
recuperation day, in 3 weeks my next event...

Tired but satisfied! what a race it was!


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