Studio power connections

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The way I have my studio setup is simple.

The room is all on one grounded circuit and that’s separate from any other house circuits.  I then use a couple of nice rack power units to condition the power and protect the equipment.

As a rule, my power cords are on the floor along with MIDI/USB.  Audio cables are routed through a cable management conduit along the back and underside of the tables.  This has worked very well for my smallish setup.


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Hi Gert :-)

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Op 1-12-2018 om 0:25 schreef Tony Scharf:
> Um...high...
> How did my subscription reactivate?

Hey, Tony,

I thought the bar was dead. Didn't get any posts since the 19th
of August. Had an extremely busy workload, so I didn't think too
much of it, to be honest.

But the other day, I mentioned this to Joost, and he said
everything was fine. I somehow got unsubscribed. And now I'm back.

Hello everyone :-)


gert van santen

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