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So, when I did my studio I had the contractors pull in a separate circuit/strip for a set of outlets that the gear connects to.  I did have the joy of chasing down certain interference hums/noises, which mostly turned out to be either old piece of something that had to be ditched, or more importantly, making sure I have TRS balanced cables for most of the audio routes.  The clean up, and a move to an all Mac set up  (1 Mac Pro, 1 Mac Mini, 1 MBP)  from ditching all my noisy windows machines, has created a gorgeous sounding room :-)
But I would try to separate out the power for the studio circuit, and have a electrical professional wire it up for you :-)

Have fun.

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Alright -bar! Quiz time. 

Time to make the plan for power in the studio. That means, power sockets in the wall and in the floor.

A dozen years ago (whoa) we talked a lot about ground loops. I have the idea that these days it’s a less prevalent topic, but should we 1), still wire up things with the ’star’ system, where we everything comes out of a single socket?

And 2), does it make sense to have a dedicated power group for the studio? One for the computer, screens and audio gear, with the lights etc. separated?

The default way of wiring up the studio would be two lines from the mains, one for the floor sockets (shared with the room below) and one for the wall sockets/lights.

So, what to do? Pull another cable? Just connect the wall sockets and the floor sockets? Or just keep as-is?

Thx guys :)



Joost Schuttelaar
The Hague, NL

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