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It took me a while to stop being a collector (there’s nothing wrong with being that, but I choose not to be).  I’ve also been adopting a more Buddhist view (though I’m definitely not a Buddhist) in that I’m avoiding attachment to material things.  I see them as tools and not fetish objects.

Also, just having all that gear was a lot of work.  So much time was spent getting shit hooked up that I never did any writing. And when I did try, something was always breaking own or acting off.  So I’d get distracted.  I’d just had enough of it.

So I started selling down to the current size.  I think I may have over done it a bit, though, and I’ll probably add one really nice keyboard next year ( moog one, I hope).

My focus now is on having a few top of the line tools rather than a collection of toys.  Fewer things can go wrong in a smaller setup, and I don’t even need a mixer or patch bay (my moth 828x has everything routed through it).

I don’t have a lot of studio time these days, and I don’t have patience for putzing or troubleshooting problems.  I want everything on and working as soon as I get 5 minutes to play.  The setup I have gives me that.

Let go of the thing you care for most but use the least.  When you realize you don’t miss it, the other stuff will be easy.

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Tony how do you sell so much stuff? It’s hard for me, even stuff I hardly use, because I don’t dislike, it’s more I don’t have to time to use all of it, and just having the stuff takes away from my focus. I need to pair down the studio a lot.

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So, after…whatever happened that re-subscribed me to the list, I thought I’d stick around a while…

For those not on my facebook/twitter, here’s the update in brief:

  *   Still living in the sticks outside Chicago
  *   The boy is 9 and smarter than I ever was.  Likes drum machines and programming robots
  *   Divorce number 2 under the belt.   It’s a long story, but it was for the best.
  *   Still working at HDI, but now serve as CIO for North America.
  *   Starting prep to work on my MBA.

That’s the boring life stuff.  The music stuff:

  *   Working on NoiseTheorem #2.   After a long bout of writers block, I’ve been back at it again.
  *   The studio is much smaller than it’s ever been.  Modular synth, MPC, TR-8s, Octatrack, iMac with a lot of software on it.
  *   My workflow is chaos.   I’ve embraced it.  It works.



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