Studio power connections

paula at paula at
Sat Dec 1 22:15:25 CET 2018


> A dozen years ago (whoa) we talked a lot about ground loops. I have
> the idea that these days it’s a less prevalent topic, but should we
> 1), still wire up things with the ’star’ system, where we everything
> comes out of a single socket?

only if you want to keep blowing fuses in the one socket.
but seriously, you have a modern flat, therefore modern standard wiring, 
therefore a ring main with common ground already part of the wiring.

Try and avoid going from wall socket to more than ONE extension cable, 
the more "spurs" you have, the further the device is from the ring 

> And 2), does it make sense to have a dedicated power group for the
> studio? One for the computer, screens and audio gear, with the lights
> etc. separated?

I'd keep any dimmable/LED lights on a separate circuit, but again, 
you're in a modern house with modern wiring, so the lights *should* be 
on a separate circuit with separate ground.

Hope that helps.


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