does this work?

Gert van Santen g.vansanten at
Tue Jun 27 21:00:04 CEST 2017

Op 27-6-2017 om 20:22 schreef tom adam:
> listen to this and let me know if this 'works'.
> I feel like the 'voice' has a different feel than the music. 
> Somehow it doesn't feel right to me.
> Not finished, but was about to throw it in a bin and never look 
> at it again, but maybe it deserves more?

Actually I like the track and the vocals. It needs some work, 
because it sounds like it's all A/B/A/B etc. Would be nice if 
there would be some "surprise" or break somewhere.

Personally I would EQ the synths a bit (little dip around 1500 Hz 
- 3000 Hz) to make some room for the vocals.

The distortion reverb is cool :-)


gert van santen

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