IEEE 1394/FireWire/iLink woes

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Jun 1 00:06:05 CEST 2017

Op 27-5-2017 om 18:04 schreef Peter Korsten:
> Results so far: Linux recognises two FW interfaces (like Windows, more 
> or less) but no devices. Or maybe I don't know how to search for devices.

And Ubuntu likes to fuck up my time in Windows. Ah well.

> I have to see what exactly is going on. Once the device gets 
> recognised, I can see whether Windows can deal with it. If everything 
> goes well, I should be able to drag-and-drop a music file on the 
> MiniDisc deck icon. But Microsoft may as well have dropped that 
> functionality, because I believe there's exactly one device that 
> implements the IEEE 1394 MD device, and that's the one sitting on my 
> desk.

Today, I tried to replace the 1394 bracket with two ports (which 
connects to the motherboard) with another bracket with a single port. 
Result: the MiniDisc deck is happily flashing "NEW CONNECT".

But that's it. Windows doesn't see the device, whereas the device 
sees... something. In Ubuntu, it doesn't show up with lspci either.

Meanwhile, the matching CD player and the tuner/amp have arrived at my 
wife's (former) office in Valletta, so at some point I should pick that 
up. I have a suspicion that the amp is somehow the control centre, but I 
could be mistaken.

- Peter

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