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> On 17.11.2020, at 21:59, Tony Scharf <tony.scharf at> wrote:
> They may mean to make laptops as disposable as iPhones…

For years I have treated my Apple laptops like paper notebooks - once I get a new one, the old one goes on the shelf for archival purposes. 

> In any case, I’m taking a wait and see.  My 2015 iMac is still pretty ok….starting to get a little full, and some newer plugins cause some choking…but it still works.   

I’ve stopped working on MacOS/iOS projects this year and am back into the embedded Linux world, professionally, and I’m pretty sure that unless I find a really, really compelling reason to do so (i.e. someone pays me to do some kind of *interesting* MacOS/iOS work again), I won’t get on the M1 bandwagon for at least another 2 or 3 years, once a few generations roll past - and only if things don’t go awry vis a vis Apples attack on general purpose computing.

Now I’m focusing personally on shifting to Pine-based platforms - PineWatch, PinePhone, etc.  The Pine ecosystem is really, really appealing, especially given recent announcements, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying hacking on the PineWatch (bare metal Rust).  

This seems to me to be a more sensible place to apply some attention, as the embedded-Linux and device-Linux markets are really expanding.  I’ve done 4 pretty beefy embedded Linux projects this year, and its not slowing down for 2021.

> Im more worried about my MOTU audio and MIDI hardware.   It may finally be time to upgrade that.

See, that’s the thing - my whole studio has settled on the existing Presonus/Roland Audio/MIDI interfaces that I have in place, and I have absolutely no need to ever upgrade.  Fortunately, this setup is MacOS and Linux- friendly, and if things go the way of the dodo for support in MacOS over the next few years, then it’ll just be 100% Linux in the studio for me from that point on.

Luckily, I do have access to a bigger studio where they have gone absolutely mad about updating everything to the latest Universal Audio high-end gear - that is also looking to be a dodgy move, given that its probably not going to be supported that well by UA on M1 for at least a year or so .. but hey, this is life in the computer world.  We’ve rocked these waves before ..

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